Welcome to the the STEMworks proposal website, a portal for STEM learning programs that are interested in applying to Change the Equation's STEMworks database of effective STEM learning programs.

STEMworks is a leading resource for businesses that are looking for proven programs that meet their philanthropic priorities. It houses an expanding number of STEM learning programs that have met CTEq's rigorous Design Principlesand Rubric for Effective STEM Philanthropy. Business leaders, other funders, and STEM advocates search STEMworks for programs that are most likely to help them maximize the impact of their investments.

STEMworks is accepting new proposals from November 3 through December 12! This year, organizations in Arizona and Iowa are collaborating with Change the Equation to solicit and review programs for STEMworks. As a result, programs from each of these states will have to submit proposals through different portals:

  1. Arizona: If your program serves primarily Arizona populations, click here.
  2. Iowa: If you wish to submit a proposal for the Scale-Up Program administered by the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council, click here.
  3. All other states: If you are submitting a proposal from any other state, click here.
  4. STEMworks was created in collaboration with WestEd, an independent, nonprofit research, development, and service organization.

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