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Narrowing the Gender Gap

Source: USNews, The annual index measures science, technology, engineering and mathematics activity in the U.S., June 2015.

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STEM Professor Gender Gap

Source: U.S. News & World Report, Gender and Kids Matter in STEM Academia-But Not Just for Women, March 2014.

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Untapped Female Talent

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Source: Change the Equation analysis of 2014 workforce data provided by Economic Modeling Specialists International, August 2015.

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Women Leave STEM Majors

Women are more likely than men to switch out of STEM majors--32 percent vs. 26 percent 

Source: National Center for Education Statistics, STEM Attrition, 2013.

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Encouraging Girls

Only 30 percent of elementary teachers feel well prepared to encourage girls to participate in science. 

Source: National Science Foundation, Science & Engineering Indicators, 2014.

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