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Low Paying Majors

Source: Georgetown University, African Americans College Majors & Earnings, 2016.

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Tough Classes Pay Off

Eighty-three percent of students who took less than Algebra II in high school needed remedial math in college. 

Source: Achieve, Rising to the Challenge, 2014.

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Women Leave STEM Majors

Women are more likely than men to switch out of STEM majors--32 percent vs. 26 percent 

Source: National Center for Education Statistics, STEM Attrition, 2013.

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Dropping Out of STEM

Forty-eight percent of bachelor's degree students who entered STEM fields between 2003 and 2009 had switched to non-STEM majors or dropped out by 2009. 

Source: National Center for Education Statistics, STEM Attrition, 2013.

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Minorities losing ground

14 percent of U.S. Bachelor's Degrees in STEM in 2012 were awarded to people of color, even though they represent 33 percent of the college-age population. People of color received only 9 percent of Master's degrees and a mere 6 percent of doctorates.

Source: Change the Equation Vital Signs analysis of U.S. Department of Education data.

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