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STEM Policy Advocacy

Change the Equation is leading private sector initiatives to help improve STEM teaching and learning in the U.S.—both in school and out of school. CTEq member companies are committed to working with states and local communities, which provide over 90 percent of public funding for education, to improve STEM learning.

Business Leader's Guide to Mobilizing State Action on STEM is a useful resource that provides information and practical advice about effective strategies to support state actions that promote widespread STEM talent development in all K–12 youth.

The Principles for STEM Policy is a valuable source when making policy and investments decisions:

  1. Support adoption and implementation of Common Core Math Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (or standards as rigorous).
  2. Urge all states to use a common high cut score to pass state assessments aligned to Common Core Math Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
  3. Weight science equally with other subjects in state accountability systems.
  4. Recognize that standards, assessments and accountability are necessary but not sufficient.
  5. Align curriculum, learning resources, technology, teaching, and management to help all students meet or exceed the standards.
  6. Use data and research, including CTEq’s State Vital Signs, to inform STEM policy development and implementation.
  7. STEM teachers must be properly prepared, evaluated and compensated. Recruitment and retention of high-performing students to the STEM teaching profession is critical.
  8. Incentivize effective STEM teachers to teach in high poverty, high minority schools.
  9. Scale what works in STEM.


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