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STEMworks Database

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Welcome to the STEMworks! CTEq is proud to host this database of programs that deepen young people's learning in STEM. STEMworks is critical resource for funders, program developers, and STEM advocates alike. Funders can find programs that maximize the return on their investment. Those who develop STEM learning programs can benchmark their work against successful exemplars. Advocates can point to excellent programs as they make the case for quality.

The programs in this database have to clear a high bar. WestEd, an independent non-profit research, development, and service organization, rigorously reviews all of them against CTEq's Design Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy and an accompanying Rubric. Only programs that perform well against these rigorous requirements are admitted.

In October 2013, CTEq identified four Ready-to-Scale STEMworks programs that are prepared to scale widely to new sites across the country.

In late spring, STEMworks will announce new application deadlines in late spring. Learn more.

Learn more about STEMworks.