Design Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy

Members of the CTEq coalition devote more than $600 million every year, as well as millions of volunteer hours to provide STEM learning opportunities benefiting millions of students across the nation.  Yet they know that, to have a meaningful impact, they must align their efforts around common principles for effective engagement.

CTEq’s Design Principles for Effective STEM Philanthropy and companion Rubric draw on research and the collective experience of leaders in corporate philanthropy. They aim to define a framework for corporate engagement in STEM learning to create measurable growth in the achievement and STEM fluency of our nation’s young people.

works Database is a critical resource for funders, program developers and STEM advocates alike. Funders can find programs that maximize their return on investment. Those who develop STEM learning programs can benchmark their work against successful exemplars, and advocates can point to excellent programs as them make the case for quality.

Please note that the STEMworks Database 
is in its first phase, and CTEq will continue to refine and improve the Design Principles and Rubric as we learn more from our member companies and other leaders in STEM learning.