Cognizant is Making the Future

Cognizant launched Making the Future in 2011, with more than 100 Making program grants serving 12,700 children with over 625,000 hours of Making activities.   Change the Equation has been instrumental in educating the broader education and business communities in how to harness the Maker Movement to inspire the next generation of innovators in America.

“I believe that children have the talent and passion to spearhead the next wave of global innovation and entrepreneurialism,”  said Frank D’Souza, CEO Cognizant Technology Solutions. It is our responsibility to enable them to nurture their talent through Making, and to channel their passion into successful and sustainable STEM-based endeavors that have the potential to drive positive change and improve lives.”

“Cognizant’s ‘Making the Future’ grant is helping students discover new pathways to future success,” said Linda Cagley of McClintock Partners in Education, Charlotte, N.C. “As they experience 3D CAD design, learn to use a 3D printer, and build mini quad-copters, they discover that math, science and engineering concepts are relevant.  The power of making is helping them envision a future in a STEM field.  We are truly thankful to Cognizant for providing this opportunity—you are indeed touching and changing lives!”

Looking ahead, Cognizant announced at the White House Maker Faire in 2014, a commitment to tripling the size of Making the Future initiative in coming years, with the goal of providing 1.5 million hours of Making experiences to 25,000 children in 200 communities by 2017. To reach its goal, Cognizant is partnering with leading nonprofits and Maker-focused organizations to expand the Maker footprint nationwide, including: in funding grants to schools servicing military families; Maker Corps in hosting sites to train Making facilitators; the New York Hall of Science in sponsoring its Maker Space; and Maker Faires in New York and California in hosting the Young Makers Pavilion.