Change the Equation Recognizes Four Exemplary STEM Learning Programs

October 3, 2013

Today, Change the Equation announced four excellent STEM learning programs that are ready to be taken to scale nationwide. The programs we identified--Girlstart Summer Camp, Project Lead the Way, ST Math, and Ten80 Student Racing Challenge--are already in CTEq’s rigorous STEMworks database of STEM programs that consistently yield positive outcomes.

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Are All STEM Jobs Created Equal?

September 27, 2013

When it comes to choosing a career, it pays to discriminate. That’s a major message emerging from a new study of STEM majors in three states. It seems not all STEM jobs are created equal, at least if we take only their wages into account.

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Don’t Blame Bad Teaching on Bad Tests

September 24, 2013

Critics of testing often argue that good teaching and standardized tests are like oil and water. Good teaching gets young people to think critically, explore new ideas, and love learning, the argument goes, while standardized tests compel them to learn by rote, avoid risk, and dread school. Take heart, critics! It doesn’t have to be that way. Good teaching will be rewarded, even on those dreaded tests.

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Dissecting the STEM Skills Crisis

September 19, 2013

Yesterday Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to D.C. to lobby for immigration reform.  At the heart of the matter is ensuring that there are enough skilled workers to fill job openings.  This is an issue that has been bubbling beneath the surface (or above it, frankly) for some time.  CTEq member companies, of which Zuckerberg's Facebook is one, know all too well that the STEM skills shortage is very much a real one. 

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Roadtripping with Alcoa and Time Warner Cable

September 18, 2013

Yesterday we went on a virtual road trip with our friends from Alcoa and Time Warner Cable, courtesy of Roadtrip Nation.  We watched inspiring videos from employees at the two companies and live-tweeted the action at #CTEqRoadtrip.  Check out the tweets below and see what transpired (and keep your eyes peeled for more virutal viewing parties in the future).

NY Times takes a deep dive into STEM learning

September 3, 2013

The New York Times had a fantastic and thorough special look at STEM education this week. All the articles are worth a read, though we recognize that's a tall order the day after Labor Day. A few key (and often familiar) takeaways are below: 


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STEM in the News: August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013

D.C. in August moves a little slower than usual on the news front, but we've got your fast hits for the week. 

Calculator Use on Exams to Shift With Common Core, EdWeek, August 20

PDK/Gallup Poll Results Show Opportunity, Need for Common Core Education

August 26, 2013

Last week, Phi Delta Kappa International, a professional association for educators, released the results of its annual PDK/Gallup survey, which tracks attitudes toward public schools. This year, topics ranged from school safety post-Newtown to homeschooling. For STEM education, though, the most interesting conclusions were in the public's view of the Common Core State Standards. 

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This Week in STEM: August 20

August 20, 2013

If it's Tuesday, it must be news-day. We're back with your quick hits in STEM. 

College-for-all vs. career education? Moving beyond a false debate, Hechinger Report, August 19

STEM in the News: August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013

As summer winds down, we've got your STEM must-reads for the week. 

Common Core Curriculum Brings Big Shifts to Math Instruction, NPR, August 8

NPR goes behind the new math standards as a new school year starts to take a look at what it might mean for instruction. Did you know that the standard algorithm for math -- remember 'carrying the one' -- has been pushed to 4th grade to give students a deeper understanding of place value? 


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