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STEM in the News: April 17, 2013

A day late, but here's what you need to read in STEM this week! 

Standards in Science Unveiled

Today in STEM -- April 12

Today in 1955, officials announced that the polio vaccine, developed by Dr. Jonas Salk, was a safe and effective preventative measure against what was then one of the deadliest childhood diseases, polio. The date was poignant, as it was the 10th anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt's death, whose contraction of the disease as a child had left him mostly paralyzed for life. 

Until the vaccine's creation, polio had steadily been on the rise since the 1880s, infecting -- and killing -- thousands each year, mostly children. Although 95 percent of polio cases present with no symptoms, approximately one percent of cases resulted in permanent paralysis; of those paralyzed, up to 10 percent die of the paralysis. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, nearly 35,000 people a year reported being infected. In 1952, shortly before the development of the vaccine, 3,145 polio deaths were reported, as well as 21,269 cases of paralysis

Given parental fear of the disease, developing a vaccine was one of the biggest public-health priorities of the mid-20th century. Several hospitals

STEM makes a stamp on President's budget

President Obama released his budget earlier this week, and

New Next Gen standards show what is possible in science education

Yesterday, after two years of hard work, 26 states and Achieve, a D.C.-based nonprofit, released the final Next Generation Science Standards.

How Does Your High School Stack Up Against Schools Around the World?

Few things are as motivational as cold, hard facts. That’s why more than 100 U.S.

Today in STEM -- April 3

Forty years ago today, the

STEM in the News: April 2, 2013

Today in STEM -- March 29

Today marks a watershed anniversary in chemistry

STEM in the News: March 26, 2013

It's been a rich week in STEM news.

More Questions STEM from Brown Center report

The Brown Center for Education Policy at the Brookings Institution released its annual report on the state of American eduation last week, and the results were of the analysis -- which looked at international scoring, ability grouping, and advanced math in eighth grade -- produced more information, but more questions, regarding math education today.

First up, the report took at look at the ever-scrutinized international comparisons. An initial brush shows that, despite much anxiety, the news about math performance is generally fair: On the fourth-grade TIMSS exam, for instance, U.S. students generally scored slightly above average, and had a 23-point gain since 1995. But context matters

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