Guest Blog: The San Francisco 49ers Use Football to Inspire STEM Learning

July 13, 2016

The San Francisco 49ers are taking science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to new heights for children throughout Silicon Valley.

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STEMtistic on Display: Narrowing the Gender Gap

July 11, 2016

The availability of AP classes and performance on AP exams can have a profound impact on students' pursuits of science majors in college. In the area of computer science there is currently a gap in achievement between the scores of female and male high school students. However, that gap has been closing steadily since 2000--a sign of progress for women interested in computer science.

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STEMworks Comes to Michigan!

July 11, 2016

Last week, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed into law a bill that adopts CTEq’s STEMworks as a critical standard for quality in his state. The MiSTEM Advisory Council will use our rigorous, independent STEMworks review process to identify the state’s most effective STEM programs and then scale them with state funds.

Happy Math 2.0 Day 2016!

July 8, 2016

What’s Math 2.0 Day you ask? It is a time to sit back and contemplate the crossroads between math and technology. No there’s no pie or mole sauce that comes with this holiday. But feel free to use your cellphone, engage in an online game, or check the weather as acknowledgements of math and technology contributions to society. This year, CTEq would like to celebrate this brilliant partnership by listing out cool STEM careers that require, well, Math 2.0.

1) Video Game Designer

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An Amazing Woman in STEM

July 7, 2016

Women have been rocking the world of science since humans first asked "why?".  One such woman, Nettie Stevens, discovered the key to gender differences lived in the chromosomes. She theorized but couldn't yet prove that species pass on genetic traits, like gender, through sperm cells. While her discovery and theory sound like common knowledge today, people once believed that the environment or nutrition played a larger role in determining the gender of humans than genes. 

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Are We There Yet?

July 6, 2016

After a trip of nearly 1.74 billion miles lasting 5 years, scientists nationwide can be forgiven for anxiously asking “Are we there yet?” about Juno’s entry into polar orbit around Jupiter. The silence during the 48 minute delay—the amount of time it takes for Juno to communicate with Earth—must have been deafening as those on the ground had no way of knowing if the spacecraft had slowed sufficiently to respond to the enormous tug of Jupiter’s gravitational pull.

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How Science Lights Up the Sky

July 1, 2016

Ever wonder what makes your Independence Day sparkler sparkle? The short answer is science, of course!

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STEMtistic on Display: Scarce in Engineering

June 30, 2016

Although African-Americans comprise 12-13 percent of the U.S. population, they are not represented at that rate as engineering degree holders. While electrical engineering is the closest field to full representation at 6 percent, mechanical engineering trails behind at 3 percent.

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Marine Science Careers in Brooklyn?

June 29, 2016

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy offered a stark reminder that New York City is in fact on the sea. According to a fascinating article in Chalkbeat New York, a group of teachers in Brooklyn aims to turn that fact into an asset for schools. Their efforts reveal important insights about the need to give young people pathways to STEM careers.

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Top 10: STEM Job Approved Employers 2016

June 28, 2016

Congratulations to BP, the best STEM Job in 2015-2016In the STEM community, a lot of discourse around teachers preparing a diverse range of students for STEM careers occurs often. But what role do the companies play in developing and receiving the students who are eager to orchestrate the next rocket launch?

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