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NEW BRIEF: Ending the Double Disadvantage

July 6, 2017

Poor students who attend schools where the vast majority of their peers are poor as well labor under a double disadvantage. They suffer the deprivations of poverty, and their schools concentrate those deprivations. Students in schools where more than 75 percent of students are eligible for free or subsidized lunches are much least likely to have access to STEM resources, experiences, and classes most wealthy parents would demand for their children.

Change the Equation released a brief today with extensive new data on the problem and suggestions for tackling it: Ending the Double Disadvantage: Ensuring STEM Opportunities in our Poorest Schools. Download the brief and share it widely to raise awareness of this critical challenge.

One quarter of the nation's K-12 students attend schools where more than 75 percent of their peers qualify for free or subsidized lunches--and that share is growing. We cannot afford to squander than much talent.

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