It's Your Turn to Show Us Your STEM!

December 5, 2014

We here at Change the Equation love STEM.  We pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe it. We may have mentioned that a time or two.  But besides loving it, we also know how critical STEM literacy is for the future -- of our young people, our workforce, our country's innovation (we may have mentioned this in the past, too). But now it's your turn! And that's why we want you to Show Us Your STEM.  

Show Us Your STEM is a unique crowdsourcing effort that brings together individuals, STEM programs, and businesses to answer the question: what does STEM literacy mean to you?

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Share a story about how Change the Equation has helped you connect to STEM programs and partners around the country;
  • Take a second to “Show Us Your STEM” by completing the webform on our website;
  • Support and engage online with the Show Us Your STEM campaign by using the #STEMLiteracyIs hashtag;
  • Engage your networks by sharing the Show Us Your STEM campaign with them; and
  • Be creative. Take a photo. Make a Vine or video. Tell us what STEM means to you.

We plan to use the content we receive to show off just how meaningful and important STEM literacy is. So, go ahead and Show Us Your STEM!