Change the Equation Aims High and Exceeds Its Goal

February 8, 2012

An image sweeping across the internet today shows President Obama firing a 14-year-old boy’s “extreme marshmallow cannon” at the White House Science Fair. If the warm reception that image has received is any measure, the president hit his mark.

The image aptly sums up the whimsy and excitement of a science fair that (to paraphrase the president) celebrates the tinkerers, dreamers and innovators who are so vital to the nation's future.

The image also supplies an apt metaphor for one of Change the Equation's biggest achievements in 2011. At our launch in late 2010, President Obama challenged our members to bring a set of first-rate STEM learning programs to at least 100 new sites across the country. Our members aimed high and exceeded their target. At the Science Fair, the president announced that CTEq reached more than 130 sites that serve almost 40,000 students. (Learn more about this achievement at

Hats off to all those budding tinkerers, dreamers and innovators.