Change the Equation is taking a critical next step in our effort to strengthen STEM education. The corporate community is granting our game-changing initiatives and substantial funding to two organizations that are poised to take our work to the next level.

WestEd and Education Commission of the States

WestEd will lead STEMworks, our nationally-recognized initiative to identify and scale the most effective STEM education programs. WestEd, a nonprofit research and service agency that works to enhance teaching and learning across all STEM subjects, has collaborated with CTEq to evaluate STEM programs since 2012.

Education Commission of the States will lead and expand Vital Signs, the nation’s most comprehensive and timely source of state-by-state data on the condition of STEM education. Serving state policymakers, Education Commission of the States advances STEM education by tracking and analyzing state STEM policies.

Since 2010, Change the Equation and its visionary corporate members:

Helped invest more than $4 billion to advance quality K-12 STEM learning;
Expanded the nation’s best STEM programs to more than 4 million young people nationwide;
Equipped state leaders with state-specific STEM data to inform their education policy and planning.

WestEd and Education Commission of the States are ideally poised to strengthen CTEq’s work in states across the country. As the 2016 federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) places more control over education with states, the timing for this transition could hardly be better.

CTEq is ceasing operations, but our work will go on. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating our work as it moves into this exciting new phase. Bookmark the new STEMworks and Vital Signs, and use them frequently!

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